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We pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere of respect, creativity, and innovation while allowing our students to apply the skills learned to real life scenarios.  Our curriculum is based on years of research and focuses deeply on the correlation between human behavior and financial habits.


Tax Time

Taxes are paid to assist in government operations and ensure that we the people have the adequate resources for everyday life task. Our program will explain the history of taxation and offer tax strategies to protect your income.

  • History of Taxation

  • New Tax Laws

  • Tax Protection Strategies


The Silent Money Killer

Debt often starts off good by allowing us to purchase the things in life that make us happy. Many times these purchases happen too often, creating a financial hardship in the lives of many Americans today.

  • Assets

  • Liabilities

  • Needs vs Wants

  • Inflation 


Credit Matters  

Credit plays a vital role in our lives and our financial health is expressed with this one aspect.  Our program will provide the knowledge and educational principles to prepare students to understand the value of having good credit on a personal and professional level.

  • Credit Cards

  • Personal Credit

  • FICO Score

  • Building Credit


Invest in Your Future

Our community and its ability to grow greatly depends on personal financial literacy. With this knowledge we plan to provide our students with the necessary tools and resources for economic growth within our communities.

  • Budget Planning

  • Investment Education

  • Insurance/ Asset Protection

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