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Our journey began while working for the Federal Government and we noticed that thousands of people were not prepared for retirement. The experience and knowledge we gained from watching Americans retire into poverty inspired us to create an interactive educational program that simplifies personal finances.  We know that finances can be boring but we also understand that making it engaging and fun will permanently change our students financial future.


We understand that life happens and majority of us are in the middle of making huge life decisions: pursuing advanced degrees, buying homes, getting married, having kids, and switching jobs. This is when we need financial and tax planning the most! A secure future begins with a healthy foundation.


Our mission is to create a fun, interactive environment for our clients to explore the essential fundamentals to building wealth. We pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere of respect, creativity, and innovation while allowing our students to implement the skills learned with real life situations.



Tax Preparer and Business Consultant

Josh Rucker is an entrepreneur, activist, & writer, recognized as one of the premier up and coming talents in the marketing industry today. He is the CEO & Founder of Lancorp Digital Solutions, a fast growing marketing firm, based in North Little Rock, Arkansas & also co-hosts a weekly, educational podcast that tackles topics related to financial literacy and business development.


Tracie has a ten-year background in the banking industry with a specialty in Treasury Management. She is also adept at performing arduous tasks such as assessing any particular client’s necessities and organizing complex designs to aid in business operations with maximum efficiency as an Implementations Specialist. 


Preparer and Account Manager




Tax Strategist and Program Manager

Dioneedra Smith is a compassionate financial educator with 19 years’ experience in Higher Education. She has a Master degree in Business Administration and a Bachelors  in Organizational Management. She is very organized and passionate about serving others. Her education and experience in personal finance allows her to help others keep track of their taxes and keep more money in their wallet.

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Nargiz has nearly a ten year background in the retirement sector, where she does strategic planning for individuals each day.  She specializes in tax strategies and offers online programs for students.  Her ability to dive deep into the details allows her students and clients to connect with the lessons and learn more effectively.


Kevin is a dynamic speaker and presenter who is passionate about sharing the message of financial literacy with forward thinking groups that want to learn more about financial planning from a millennial’s perspective. He is also a licensed insurance agent and certified tax professional with the IRS.


Tax Strategist and Program Manager



Tax Strategist and Financial Counselor

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Janeil is an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) educator and coach. With over ten years of experience helping others attain financial bliss, Janeil is deeply passionate about helping others live more financially fulfilling lives. She holds a Masters's Degree in Business Administration and continues to expand her financial knowledge so that she can be a greater asset to others.


Tax Strategist and Financial Counselor

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